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home : opinion : columnist May 31, 2023

4/29/2023 1:25:00 PM
Russo-Ukrainian War Con Job For Oligarchs
With the Ukraine finally running out of gas in more ways than one, the Russo-Ukrainian War is winding down. A Russian victory is expected next month.
(Contributed Photo)
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Carlson share a laugh en route to dinner. Tucker is having the last laugh on his enemies.
(Photo by Zak Bennett/The Daily Mail)

With the Ukraine finally running out
of gas in more ways than one, the
Russo-Ukrainian War is winding
down. A Russian victory
is expected next month.

(Contributed Photo)

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Carlson share
a laugh en route to dinner. Tucker
is having the last laugh on his enemies.

(Photo by Zak Bennett/The Daily Mail)

From The Desk Of
Thomas Lark

Told you so.

Fourteen months ago, I and countless other right-thinking observers called out the Russo-Ukrainian War for the farce and con job that it is. Yes, many people have been displaced in that worthless armpit of the earth, and many have been injured, lost their homes and lost their lives. To be sure, that’s tragic.

But America cannot and should not be the world’s policeman. It ain’t our circus; it ain’t our monkeys. There’s such a thing as knowing when to mind your own business and realising that if you’re in, say, Charlotte, it’s silly and wholly unrealistic to want to extinguish a raging housefire at the home of a slight acquaintance in Pittsburgh.

But then, minding their own business and not putting their collective conk into matters that don’t concern them are not what the men of America’s Military-Industrial-Banking Complex are known for. They knew there was money to be had in the Ukraine. And they pushed Clueless Joe and his diaper-changing handlers into writing a blank cheque to Vladimir Zelensky––a Christophobic villain who persecutes Christians of every stripe in his country (and he’s not even honestly Ukrainian) yet cons childishly credulous and numbly naïve American politicians into thinking him somehow Churchillian. Hahahahaha! What a joke. A bad joke.

What did Zelensky and his fellow leaders do with all that money? As the recent Pentagon leaks and political activist Candace Owens have revealed, they made off with hundreds of millions of dollars, many of ’em buying one-way tickets to Switzerland for some nice chalets and early retirements. Hey, they ain’t stupid.

British author and social critic Daniel Jupp was among those appalled by the depth of the con––the truth of which said Pentagon leaks revealed.

“I knew something was really askew when not one Western leader attempted to broker peace between Russia and the Ukraine when all of this started,” Jupp said earlier this month. “I smelled a huge rat. It smells like money for the military/industrial complex and the globalist oligarchs. I think the globalists wanted to use the Ukraine to oust Putin and chew up Russia, and they screwed it up. Now the Ukrainians are in a Russian meat-grinder, and the Russians are running through Western money and resources whilst actually growing stronger themselves. This is an enormous geo-political (foul-up) for the West in every way imaginable.”

He went on to say that said leaks confirmed what I and others told you 14 months ago: Zelensky and his fellow clowns, the beneficiaries of a CIA-sponsored coup d’état, really did poke the Russian bear. Mother Russia acted in self-defence, and it now appears poised on the brink of re-annexing the Ukraine, which has been, after all, Russia’s own backyard for most of its sorry history.

So how ’bout them sanctions, Joey? How’s that workin’ out? Not too well, as Jupp notes.

“It has pushed Russia into the arms of China and shown the rest of the world that you can defy the West and still prosper,” he said. “Psychologically, twinned with the Afghanistan debacle, it gives the lesson that the West should always be distrusted but should never again be feared. It has lost the West real moral authority by being another dishonest military intervention and also wasted Western money on a vast scale. Thinking people here know that the Ukraine is corrupt and that, for instance, hundreds of millions of dollars in aid have been stolen by Ukrainian leaders for themselves. Supplied arms are for sale on the Internet. They also know the US committed an act of terrorism (by blowing up) the Nordstream pipeline.”

This colossal blunder of American politicians––idiots and bought dogs who do not now serve, nor have they ever served, the American people­––is causing an enormous shift of the geo-political tectonic plates. African countries now attend Russian summits. The dollar has been abandoned as the world’s reserve currency. Japan and Malaysia are purchasing things in other currencies. India is ignoring the West and aligning itself with the Sino-Russian alliance. In terms of gross domestic product (or GDP) rates, the bloc of Brasil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (or BRICS) is overtaking the G-Seven (the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada). This could lead to the collapse of the dollar this year.   

Even a blind pig finds a truffle now and again. Macron, like a broken clock, appears to be right if only twice a day. He recently told Xi Jinping that France (and by extension, the rest of Europe) would wisely not be dragged into America’s fatuous Far-Eastern adventurism and its now completely unrealistic pledge of Taiwan’s defence. That pledge, made during the long-ago days of Chiang Kai-shek, must now be abandoned and forgotten, rather as the unfortunate people of Taiwan will be abandoned and forgotten when China marches into its own backyard. The alternative is World War III.

When sanctions fail
Sanctions crushed the apartheid government of South Africa more than 30 years ago. Sanctions against China, if only they were universally applied throughout the West, would likewise crush that damnable nation and have its hapless people screaming for régime change and Xi’s empty head upon a pike within 18 months.

But sometimes sanctions don’t work. As Jupp writes:

“We see the Russian economy surviving sanctions that are hurting Germany more than Russia. We see the Russian economy doing better than the UK economy. We see country after country abandoning western and US leadership and bowing to new masters. If you’re going to apply all your economic might and international power and covert and overt military support to take out a rival nation, it destroys your economic might, your international power and the reputation of your overt and covert military forces when the target of all this not only survives but thrives.”

America, he adds, sought to destroy Russia and warn China. Instead, America only succeeded in strengthening both enemy nations and weakening itself.

“In these circumstances,” says Jupp, “with Russian manufacturing working fine, with Western military stockpiles running out, with trillions spent for no reward, with dollar dominance dying and two-thirds of the world pivoting to Chinese leadership, I ask those who still want to funnel more into this disastrous policy: don’t you regret opening the door to all this? Do you really think it makes sense to pretend that neo-con policy has been a success and that we, let alone the Ukraine, have won anything by creating the Ukraine war, continuing the Ukraine war and not winning the Ukraine war? Isn’t it well past time to close the door on support for the Ukraine and save what can be saved from neo-con stupidity and scheming before this goes nuclear?”

Mary O’Neill, in The Western Journal, concurred:

“The machinations of scheming, lying and concealing the truth from ‘we the people’ were further exposed last week with revelations that the US government, from the executive branch to Congress, has lied to the American people about the war in the Ukraine. Both Democrats and Republicans have given a corrupt foreign government hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars. They’re sending the Ukraine arms to wage a reckless proxy war against Russia, a country with a population more than three times its size and with a huge nuclear arsenal. And now the American public knows that despite all the happy talk about taking down Russian President Vladimir Putin, our government knows the Ukrainians are losing and badly.

“How do we know this?” O’Neill continued. “Not from government officials. No, this information comes to us through one of the largest leaks of classified intelligence in US history…Obviously, it’s not the first time the government has lied to the public (COVID, Russiagate, the southern border, etc.), even about something as important as war. Our federal government is built on a network of lies, with the various nodes along the network going as far as they can to advance their own interests.”

Good luck, Tuck
Elsewhere, Tucker Carlson––the smartest man on television, who warned us about the Ukes and nukes; who told us that the very real Wuhan ’flu came with a tyrannical and utterly fictitious, hoax-ridden international response at the hands of the Chinese rogue state, stupid politicians and Big Pharma; and who explained how the Sino-Democrat nexus stole the 2020 presidential election to install a senile Chinese puppet in the White House––was fired this week by Fox News for telling the truth about all this and so much more.

Since 1996, Fox News has been owned by the extremely liberal, pathologically Windsor-hating Rupert Murdoch, Australia’s least favourite son. Now in his 90’s, wee Rupie sadly continues to damn the world by still drawing breath. His even more liberal son, the evil Lachlan Murdoch, was the gormless git who fired our boy and is bent on taking Fox down the same looney-lefty path that destroyed CNN 20 years ago. Still, I’m quite chuffed that the Moloch-worshipping Murdochs’ moronically misguided mistake is helping Fox go down like the Titanic, with a billion bucks (and counting) in lost revenue and its viewership cut hilariously in half. Take that, you Jacobin jerks!

I quit watching Carlson for the most part after that coup in ’20. It’s not that he was bad. No, it was simply too depressing, rather like a Pink Floyd album: technically very proficient, and Dave Gilmour is a virtuoso guitarist and a helluva nice guy; but the music itself is the sort of stuff that just makes you want to kill yourself.

So it was with Carlson. Always eloquent and more intelligent than anyone else in his business (he speaks several languages, I’m told, and he has a degree in Russian history), Tucker told the truth, however depressing it might be. He hammered Democrats and Republicans alike for their liberalism and immense ignorance. His show truly was “the sworn enemy of lies, pomposity and groupthink.” I think that was his closing tagline. It’s been a while.

I caught him on occasion, flipping between reruns of “Everybody Loves Raymond” on TV Land (trying to dodge its truly horrific commercials) or “Diagnosis Murder” on the DVD-player. Tucker was arresting yet affable. He had no respect for freaks, frauds and fruits, and the two of us (we’re the same age and possessed of similar educational backgrounds and sensibilities) often shared the same righteous anger at a world gone horribly wrong and utterly mad.

Yet he maintained a robust optimism.

“It can’t last,” he said this week of the liars and loons currently controlling our world, as truth will out in the end, and of course, “That is the iron rule of the universe.”

Right now, Tucker appears to be enjoying an early retirement. I smiled at the picture of him and his wife of 30 years taking their golf cart to dinner in their Floridian neighbourhood.

His options abound. Many think he’ll go to Newsmax. Perhaps it’ll be One America News. Maybe Greg Gutfeld and Laura Ingraham (the only remaining intelligent people at Fox) will jump ship and join Tucker in sympathy, creating something completely different. That would be interesting.

Still, I don’t care that much. Once you wean yourself off news, you get to where you no longer miss it. Turner Classic Movies and Dick Van Dyke are entirely superior and a much better fit with dinner.

Whatever he chooses, Tucker has a multimillion-dollar golden parachute, and I know he’ll land on his feet.

“See you soon,” he promised.

May it be so. Good night, my friend. And good luck.

---The views and opinions expressed in “Traditionalism with Thomas Lark” are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Lincoln Herald.

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Posted: Saturday, April 29, 2023
Article comment by: Rachel Morey

I simply say Amen, Thomas Lark. Amen. Nail on the head.

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