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home : news : health and wellness August 10, 2020

Study finds 1 in 5 dogs has parasites: How to stop the spread of worms
(BPT) - If you're like 68% of dog owners, your pup has become even more of an emotional companion during the pandemic. You love your pup so you've stayed on top of tick and flea medication and are trying to remain diligent in scheduling annual exams with your veterinarian. But even great dog owners... Read More

The value of COVID-19 testing [Infographic]
(BPT) - Highly accurate COVID-19 testing is key to reopening communities, businesses and the economy. There are numerous tests to detect the virus or antibodies to the virus; however, only a few are highly accurate. With the right tests at the right time for the right person, we can make informed d... Read More

Yogic breathing techniques support respiratory health
(BPT) - Because it happens automatically, you probably don't put much thought into your breathing. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought focused attention to respiratory health. Conscious breathing - the yoga practice of pranayama - can help support respiratory health, mental wellness and the ... Read More

4 simple ways to keep indoor air fresh at all times
(BPT) - Americans today are more focused on cleaning and sanitization - not to mention the air they breathe - than ever. Indoor air quality has already been a growing concern in the United States for some time. According to a study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, indoor a... Read More

How A Very Low Blood Sugar Emergency Changed One College Student’s Mind About Being Rescue Ready
(BPT) - Sponsored by Eli Lilly and CompanyIt was Valentine's Day weekend when Emily Marcum's parents traveled from Nevada to New York City to visit their daughter. Emily had always dreamed of living in New York, and that dream came true when she was accepted to study elementary education at Queens ... Read More

Want to Impact Cancer Care Beyond Medicine? 5 Reasons to Apply for the Astellas Oncology C3 Prize
(BPT) - Sponsored by Astellas Oncology Anyone who has been impacted by cancer knows that cancer care is complex - in addition to medicine, we need to find solutions to the everyday challenges within the cancer care journey. That's why Astellas Oncology launched the C3 (Changing Cancer Care) Prize i... Read More

Heart Valve Disease: 5 Questions to Consider Before Treatment
(BPT) - More than five million Americans are impacted by heart valve disease each year. Of those, 1.5 million suffer from aortic stenosis, which occurs when the aortic valve does not open properly and affects how oxygen-rich blood leaves the heart with each beat. This increases pressure within the ... Read More

Protecting your eyesight against the silent advance of glaucoma
(BPT) - 'Will I go blind?' It's a frightening thought that most people have when they are first told they have glaucoma.'Patients are almost always concerned that they are going to lose their vision,' says Andrew Iwach, M.D., executive director of the Glaucoma Center of San Francisco. 'The good new... Read More

4 reasons why pre-planning your funeral Is the best gift you can give your kids
(BPT) - Death and dying can be a challenging subject to broach, even with loved ones. No one likes to consider the possibility of losing a mother or father, and parents don't want to leave their children in a predicament during incredibly challenging times. As parents, the best gift to give your ch... Read More

Need Medicare? Easy ways to get the benefits you – or your loved ones – deserve
(BPT) - Some 60 million Americans receive Medicare benefits each year to help pay for health care and prescription drugs, according to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the federal agency that runs the program. Yet, many don't get the right benefits for their health need... Read More

Meet the voice-activated diabetes expert for free 24/7 help and support
(BPT) - Managing insulin-dependent diabetes is no easy task. Often, people living with diabetes could really use an expert close by who can answer questions and motivate them to stay on their management plans. Now, that someone is Sulli the Diabetes Guru.Sulli the Diabetes Guru, a new, free voice-a... Read More

More Lives are at Risk Now – And Not Just Due to COVID-19
(BPT) - Many Americans have adjusted to a 'new normal' during the COVID-19 pandemic, from embracing takeout, avoiding crowds and mastering virtual get-togethers to delaying elective healthcare procedures. Yet at least one important thing hasn't changed: if you experience a serious health condition,... Read More

Finding Support After an NTM Lung Disease Diagnosis: Facing Challenges with a Care Team and Loved Ones
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Find peace during pandemic uncertainty with Kundalini yoga and meditation
(BPT) - The COVID-19 pandemic has made the world far more uncertain. It's impacted our work and finances, our relationships, and of course, our physical and mental health. Finding the sense of surety we all crave is almost impossible, which leads to stress, anxiety and powerlessness that drains us ... Read More

Have Epilepsy? Bring Up These 5 Topics In Your Next Medical Appointment.
(BPT) - Have you ever left your doctor's appointment and realized that you forgot to ask some important questions? If you have epilepsy, speaking up is key to creating a true partnership with your healthcare provider to help achieve your personal and health goals. However, many people still strugg... Read More

A Different, More Severe Form of Asthma. GSK’s Doctor Nestor A. Molfino, Shares Signs You May Be Living With Severe Asthma and an Option to Manage the Condition
(BPT) - This content was sponsored by GSK.Not all asthma is the same. It is estimated 1 in 13 people in the U.S. have asthma, and of those, 5 to 10 percent have severe asthma.Generally, asthma can be controlled through prescribed medication; however, people living with severe asthma have a more dif... Read More

Face the facts: Survey reveals common skincare misconceptions and mistakes
(BPT) - Do you associate a 'squeaky clean' feeling with an effective cleanse? Do you believe the more a cleanser foams, the better it works? Have you ever used dish soap to clean your face?If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're not alone, but according to a top dermatologist, these a... Read More

5 Tips for parents to be the best backyard coaches possible
(BPT) - With so many youth leagues cancelled this year, families across the country are missing the time spent together during the athletic season. Fortunately, even though the official season may not have happened, you can still inspire your children to enjoy the benefits of the game.While on-fiel... Read More

How to keep youth active outdoors – and safe – this summer
(BPT) - While this has been a challenging year with many youth sports leagues and activities in play at limited capacity or canceled entirely, the good news is there are still plenty of ways kids can stay active and healthy.Healthcare professionals agree that physical activity is critical for child... Read More

How to take charge of your health: 9 tips to try
(BPT) - Women have the power to proactively take control of their feminine health during all stages of life from the first period through post-partum, during perimenopause and beyond.Maria Sophocles, MD, OB/GYN, the Medical Director of Women's Healthcare of Princeton, offers these tips to help chan... Read More

The pandemic’s financial (and emotional) toll on Americans
(BPT) - Unfortunately, no matter how hard some people work to be financially responsible, obstacles outside their control can sometimes prevent a person's ability to keep up. In fact, Prudential's 2020 Financial Wellness Census found that both before and during the pandemic, nearly half of American... Read More

3 ways families can better prepare for the school year
(BPT) - The beginning of a new school year always means change, but this back-to-school season will look a bit different. Whether students are taught virtually or in a classroom environment, it will create challenges for teachers, families and kids alike. Kleenex® brand child wellness exper... Read More

What every parent needs to know about myopia
(BPT) - Did you know school vision exams can miss up to 75% of children's vision problems such as myopia, or nearsightedness? Even vision tests given by your child's pediatrician are not as comprehensive as an exam by an eye doctor, and can miss crucial early signs of eye disease.Myopia, a conditio... Read More

How does telehealth really compare to in-person health care?
(BPT) - Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the adoption of telehealth services has been on the rise and people are turning to digital technology more than ever to address their personal health care needs without having to leave their homes.But while many have begu... Read More

New Treatment Options Offer Hope for Those with Small Cell Lung Cancer
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I thought shingles was an old person’s disease: What everyone 50+ needs to know about this disease
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

How to have a happy and hydrated kid
(BPT) - We're in the thick of the dog days of summer, and as the temperature continues to swelter, don't forget to start thinking about how to help keep your kids hydrated. Sounds easy, right? You might be surprised. According to the American Journal of Public Health,* 1 in 2 kids is underhydrated.... Read More

Programs Available to Help People with Diabetes Afford Insulin
(BPT) - It's no secret that many people with diabetes are struggling to afford their insulin.Chances are you may know one of them. That's because more than 30 million people in the U.S. have diabetes.1 Some of these people may have health insurance, some may not. Others may be facing new financial ... Read More

How to help maintain your immune system with fermentation
(BPT) - No matter what season or time of year, we all know the importance of a healthy immune system and the central role it plays in overall well-being. While sleep, healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle are all essential for a healthy immune system, clinical studies show fermented supplements a... Read More

5 Simple Ways to Dig into a More Plant-Based Diet
(BPT) - If you're considering a more veggie-forward diet or have incorporated a plant-based approach to meal planning in recent years, you're not alone. According to an OnePoll study, one-third of Americans now consider themselves 'flexitarians' and more than half of Americans are currently trying ... Read More

Protect yourself from heat-related illnesses during home DIY projects
(BPT) - Quarantine and social distancing means spending more time at home. This has inspired renewed interest in home improvement and DIY projects. While warm-weather months are ideal for many projects, it also can bring high temperatures and dangerous heat. To avoid heat-related illness and injury... Read More

6 cherry-licious health benefits to preserve year-round
(BPT) - It's hard to beat summertime and its boon of fresh produce harvested at the peak of flavor, from farm-fresh vegetables to sun-ripened superfruits like sweet cherries. A surge in sweet cherry research in recent years has uncovered six health-promoting benefits packed into these snackable tre... Read More

Protect your child’s health: Don’t delay well-child visits
(BPT) - Over the past several months, families have been helping stop the spread of COVID-19 and keeping their loved ones safe by staying home as much as possible. As communities across the country begin to reopen, you can help your child stay healthy by keeping any scheduled appointments for well-... Read More

How Americans can save on prescription costs
(BPT) - Did you know prescriptions cost more in the U.S. than anywhere else in the world? If you or a loved one need daily medications, you may already know about the high cost of prescription drugs.Access to affordable prescription drugs is an even more vital concern due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ... Read More

Study: Pistachios found to be a complete protein
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

When You Should Take Notice of Those Unexplained Joint Problems and See Your Doctor
(BPT) - Joint issues, which can be experienced in the form of pain, stiffness, swelling, clicking, numbness and more, can be very debilitating and have a significant impact on daily life. As joint pain and other issues can be caused by several conditions, some people may live with their symptoms fo... Read More

Your eyes are a window to your health: Why you need regular exams
(BPT) - Like many Americans, you may be putting off regular health appointments like eye exams because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, your optometrist may have been closed for some time, depending on where you live.It may seem less urgent to have an eye exam if you're not experiencing visio... Read More

Saving Babies' Lives – The Importance of Newborn Screening in all 50 States for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Leading Genetic Cause of Infant Death
(BPT) - Regina Philipps' son, Shane, was born a happy, healthy and strong baby - holding his head up on his own, rolling, and pushing himself up on his arms. But at six months old, Regina noticed something might be wrong.'He started moving less, and some of the strength he had seemed to be disappea... Read More

4 Ways to Boost Immunity Through the Gut Microbiome
(BPT) - Everyone's heard the phrase 'trust your gut' but ever wonder where the saying comes from? One could argue that it comes from an age-old belief that the gut is a powerful human function with a mind of its own. It's made up of trillions of microbes, more than 1,000 species of bacteria and mil... Read More

At-Home Acne Mistakes to Avoid
(BPT) - Spending more time at home has shifted the way we solve our problems. More than ever, people are turning to online platforms and social media, like YouTube and Instagram LIVE, as primary resources for mastering new skills and finding solutions. However, some problems are more complicated th... Read More

Summer’s Hidden Health Concern
(BPT) - Face mask? Check. Hand sanitizer? Check. Sunscreen? Hmm. If you're busy worrying about how to avoid the coronavirus, you may not have thought much about your skin health. And you're not alone. Thirty-nine percent of Americans say they are so focused on handwashing and avoiding germs that th... Read More

Having Heavy Menstrual Bleeding? It Might Be Uterine Fibroids. Here’s What You Need to Know.
(BPT) - Sponsored by AbbVie'Normal' Versus Heavy Menstrual BleedingWhen does menstrual bleeding stop being 'normal' and start being considered heavy? Doctors often use the following examples as signs of heavy bleeding: bleeding that lasts more than seven days, bleeding that soaks through one or mor... Read More

Need headache relief? How to treat the 4 most common types
(BPT) - It can be easy to dismiss head pain as a regular headache, but in fact there is no such thing. More than 300 types of headache exist and the likelihood you'll experience one in your lifetime is high. Worldwide nearly 40 million people have some form of headache disease.'Each headache comes ... Read More

Handwashing Tips For People With Eczema And Other Skin Conditions
(BPT) - Pfizer SponsoredIf you are one of the 31.6 million people in the United States living with some form of eczema, continual handwashing and sanitizing to avoid spreading illness this season might be a source of added stress and anxiety, as this can dry out your skin and cause eczema to flare.... Read More

What’s the Secret to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life?
(BPT) - Your skin is your body's largest organ, which means that it needs extra care every day to keep it in tip-top shape, whether that means avoiding sun exposure, not smoking, limiting your consumption of Merlot, drenching your skin with hyaluronic acid, or exfoliating weekly. But these good hab... Read More

An Unexpected Diagnosis – the Risks of Underestimating Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer
(BPT) - James Whelan is a performer. As a lifelong musician, he has spent most of his life writing music in his studio or out performing for a crowd. But a life devoted to art came to a screeching halt with a startling and sudden diagnosis: a skin cancer called cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CS... Read More

The push to the suburbs drives demand for smaller, flexible space away from cities
(BPT) - As businesses strive to carry on normal operations during COVID-19, many are seeking smaller, suburban work areas that let their employees find meaningful connections while avoiding crowded buildings, throngs of people and long, stressful commutes to the city.Companies are already enabling ... Read More

To beat COVID-19, science must lead the way: An inside look at the development of a vaccine
(BPT) - Around the world, more than 10 million people have been infected with COVID-19, more than a half million have died, and thousands are still diagnosed daily. In an effort to stop its spread and eradicate COVID-19 forever, the global scientific community has been working together to develop a... Read More

5 steps companies might consider before reopening their office spaces
(BPT) - Sponsored by Office DepotAfter weeks of having employees work remotely whenever possible, many organizations are developing plans to reopen their physical workplaces. For many business leaders, this is a challenging time as they try to determine how to reconfigure their offices after quaran... Read More

Roadway safety on the weekends [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... Read More

How are we equipping students to succeed in science?
(BPT) - Scientists across the world are charging forward in the fight to prevent and treat COVID-19. And they're harnessing the latest tech and science as they press down on the accelerator at a speed unattainable to date.But another fight is also playing out during this unprecedented challenge: th... Read More

A Police Sergeant Fights Crime and a Chronic Disease - Plaque Psoriasis
(BPT) - When he was younger, Eli knew he wanted to become a police officer and fight crime in his community. Today, he gets to do just that as a police sergeant in Mesa, Arizona. Yet, when he was younger and preparing for his law enforcement career, he did not suspect that he'd be fighting an equal... Read More

Healthcare heroes you haven’t heard about
(BPT) - As the country continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are eager to celebrate healthcare workers on the front lines who cope with the disease every single day. You've probably heard countless stories of the amazing acts of kindness and courage exhibited by the doctors, nurses a... Read More

4 tips from a dermatologist to keep skin protected during backyard summer fun
(BPT) - Summer is here, which means fun outdoor activities for kids will fill the long, sunny days. While the season is typically marked by family vacations and trips to the beach, new memories can be created right in the backyard or driveway! When used to its fullest potential, your outdoor space ... Read More

How self-determination is changing elderly and disability care in the age of COVID-19
(BPT) - The threat of COVID-19 in nursing homes and assisted living facilities has led elderly individuals and people with disabilities or underlying health conditions to seek safer administration of their care. For some, the most desirable place to receive ongoing services is in their own homes. A... Read More

Staying secure beyond National Home Safety Month
(BPT) - Assessing and updating your home's security measures should be a year-round focus for homeowners. While timely reminders, such as National Home Safety Month, are great for encouraging immediate action, these considerations should remain top-of-mind 365 days of the year.Data collected in rec... Read More

Thinking about a road trip? How to get back behind the wheel safely
(BPT) - As the nation considers a safe and socially-distant return to work and travel, states are loosening restrictions on stay-at-home orders. As your car may have sat relatively idle over the last few months, the following tips can help ensure your vehicle is ready when you are, while you, the d... Read More

Caregiver Fatigue in a Global Pandemic
(BPT) - The past few months have been a challenging time for all of us. As difficult as COVID-19 has been for the general population, people serving in a caregiving role - whether in the long term for someone living with a disease or injury or short term for someone who has contracted COVID-19 - ar... Read More

Patient with kidney disease feels hopeful at home during COVID-19 pandemic
(BPT) - For the last three years, Terry McCallum, 75, has been receiving dialysis treatments from the comfort of his home. When he initially considered the change from in-center hemodialysis (ICHD) to peritoneal dialysis (PD), it was because he was having a hard time adjusting to dialysis and exper... Read More

Should you be evaluated for ADHD? It’s not just a kid thing
(BPT) - If you are among the millions of adults in the U.S. who do not know they have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the past several months of social distancing have been a particularly steep battle. Our country was instructed to 'sit still,' a command that children with ADHD hea... Read More

Expert tips to help people living with diabetes prepare for low blood sugar events
(BPT) - People living with diabetes know that the condition comes with highs and lows - especially when it comes to managing blood sugar. For those on insulin, blood sugar can get so low that it's considered a medical emergency (known as severe hypoglycemia or a very low blood sugar emergency). Thi... Read More

Worried you may have COVID-19? Here’s what you can do
(BPT) - Whether you've had exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms you're worried about, or you belong to a vulnerable population (such as being over 65), you may be worried. You also may be unsure about how or where to get tested. It's understandable that you may have c... Read More

Taking on lung cancer is worth the fight
(BPT) - You have cancer.Three small words that impact a person in a very big way. For advanced lung cancer patients, the emotional response to a diagnosis can be especially complex as lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths - each year, more people in the U.S. die of lung cancer t... Read More

Mental health on the farm: Don't let pride stand in the way of getting help
(BPT) - American farm life is often portrayed with images of a happy family, healthy animals, sunshine and green fields. Working in agriculture is a source of pride for many people, but reality is not as perfect as the commercials and storybooks.In fact, depression and anxiety on the farm are press... Read More

If you’re taking blood thinners and fear bleeding risks, staying educated and talking to your doctor can help
(BPT) - For many people today, anticoagulants or blood thinners are a normal part of everyday life. In fact, it's estimated that more than eight million people in the U.S. use these medications daily to prevent dangerous blood clots.1 Blood thinners are life-saving medications, but as with any medi... Read More

How to get paid sick leave if you fear you have COVID-19
(BPT) - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, workers everywhere have struggled with what to do about their jobs if they have symptoms they fear may be due to the coronavirus.For essential workers, and for those whose workplaces are beginning to open up again, this is a very real dilemma. If you've got sym... Read More

7 ways technology can help you make the most of your summer
(BPT) - With summer upon us and travel plans likely on hold, it's time to figure out what's on your family's summer bucket list. Whether it's learning a new language, reading one book a week or exploring your culinary skills, there are many different ways a smart home with Amazon Alexa can make thi... Read More

Cervical cancer screening: 3 things every woman should know
(BPT) - Women's health can be complex, and every woman has unique considerations and needs. Well-women exams are an important time to bring up these needs and take proactive steps to protect your health, including important testing for things like cervical cancer.Results from a new survey conducted... Read More

Calling all COVID-19 survivors: Now you could help others defeat it.
(BPT) - Time is of the essence.If you or someone you know has recovered from COVID-19, the vital antibodies in your blood plasma could be used to help another patient fight off the disease or to create a medicine to potentially treat it.Please join us to unite against COVID-19 by donating your plas... Read More

Reinstating Trust in the COVID-19 Testing Process
(BPT) - Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic on March 11, 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needed to act at an incredible speed to determine how much of the U.S.... Read More

Probiotics: Expert insight on what this good bacteria can do for you
(BPT) - A common misconception is that all bacteria are bad; however, there are thousands of different strains of bacteria, both good and bad, and many of the good bacteria can actually support health and wellness. The digestive system is an example of where 'good bacteria' can make a difference."I... Read More

Sweet relief! 4 reasons to reach for fresh cherries when coping with stress
(BPT) - Stress is a common part of anyone's life, and individuals have long sought natural remedies to alleviate it. Surveys have shown that Americans are turning to plant-based diets for reasons such as improving overall well-being and mood, and with good reason. Many fruits and vegetables contain... Read More

Tips for staying safe as society opens [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Parenting pain is prevalent, majority of moms and dads are suffering [Infographic]
(BPT) - Being a parent is one of the greatest joys in life, but it's no secret - raising children can be hard. Besides the stress and worry, it can also take a physical toll on the body. In fact, a majority of moms and dads suffer from pain related to parenting, according to new research commission... Read More

Tips for millennials to improve overall wellness
(BPT) - Improving wellness is all about eliminating the negative, focusing on the positive and taking steps to live your best life. Embracing a mind, body and spirit approach to wellness can be the best way to enhance your general well-being and experience the world on your own terms. And it can be... Read More

The water is open: 5 tips to relax and recharge on a boat this summer
(BPT) - Looking to get away this summer while social distancing? With annual traditions such as camps and sporting events cancelled, the best way to seek relief and recharge with your loved ones may be to 'Get On Board' for a summer on the water. Recent data suggests that interest in fishing and bo... Read More

Feeling lonely? How to manage mental health challenges during social isolation
(BPT) - This article was sponsored and developed by Neurocrine Biosciences Inc. As millions of people around the country practice social distancing and are staying at home for weeks on end, many people may find themselves feeling lonely and alone, maybe even anxious or uneasy, for the first time.Ot... Read More

New Survey Shows COVID-19 is Having a Significant Impact on the Mental Health of America’s Frontline Healthcare Providers and First Responders [Infographic]
(BPT) - New national survey shows nearly three in four healthcare providers feel their job is putting the lives of their family at risk because of the coronavirus (73%).... Read More

Must-haves to ease your body after your fitness routine [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

How to lose the Quarantine 15 and reach your body goals
(BPT) - If you're like most of us, you may have drifted away from a healthy eating plan during self-quarantine to help you cope better with the stress of it all. In particular, nutritionists say that it's normal to crave sweets, salty or fatty foods, and carbs for a quick energy boost as these comf... Read More

Coping with serious mental illness during challenging times
(BPT) - Jason was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2004 and now lives with schizoaffective disorder. As a way of coping with his day-to-day symptoms during COVID-19, he has developed a strong daily routine and treatment plan. Here, he shares his perspective.The outbreak of coronavirus has rocked my ... Read More

5 tips: Now's a prime time for a car seat safety review
(BPT) - Although many families aren't driving as much these days, it's always important to make sure you are keeping your kids as safe as possible in the car.Now that we're spending more time at home, this is a good time for parents and caregivers to brush up on expert advice for choosing, installi... Read More

Have Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis? 5 Things You Should Know
(BPT) - Relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) begins with a malfunctioning immune system.1 Among MS patients, the immune system allows immune cells to move out of the lymph nodes into areas of the body where they don't belong: parts of the central nervous system (CNS).1These immune cells attack and dam... Read More

Family Finds Gratitude and New Hope through Experience with a Rare Childhood Condition
(BPT) - When Cooper Norris was just two years old, his pediatrician noticed some freckling and café au lait spots on his back. The pediatrician told his parents, Kirsta and Michael, they would need to monitor this. But by age four, Cooper had developed a lump on the left side of his neck. An ultras... Read More

Pulmonary Fibrosis: A Serious, Sometimes Unheard of Lung Disease
(BPT) - Currently, when people experience shortness of breath and/or a cough, they may think of COVID-19. However, if those symptoms are chronic, it could be a warning sign of another condition: pulmonary fibrosis (PF).PF is a debilitating lung disease that remains largely unknown, yet 50,000 new c... Read More

Managing glaucoma from home
(BPT) - Did you know that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide?1 If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with this debilitating disease, you're probably aware of the need for consistent eye care and attention to your disease management plan.However, due to the COVID-19 pand... Read More

What COVID-19 Antibody Tests Are, and How You Can Be Certain of Their Results
(BPT) - Antibody testing has become a focal point for policymakers and consumers alike in the ever-evolving conversation around managing the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. As of June 4, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), which means the test was rev... Read More

Finding unity under the American flag during COVID-19
(BPT) - Some moments are etched in our national memory - and the American flag stands at the center of them. Six U.S. Marines raising the flag over Iwo Jima during World War II. Buzz Aldrin saluting the flag on the moon's surface in 1969. Three New York firefighters hoisting the flag above the rubb... Read More

4 smart steps to manage cat allergens at home
(BPT) - As millions of Americans spend unprecedented amounts of time at home, it also means spending unprecedented amounts of time with their pets. And for cat owners who have sensitivities to cat allergens, this can create unforeseen challenges.According to a recent study by the Human Animal Bond ... Read More

Finding Strength in Weakness: Living with Myasthenia Gravis
(BPT) - 'I tell people it feels like when you're drunk, but without the alcohol. So that means you can't see straight, you can't walk straight, you can't talk. You're wobbly and all over the place. That's how I feel when I am having a myasthenia gravis flare up.'Leah Gaitan-Diaz was 40 years old wh... Read More

It's time to get more kids biking
(BPT) - For kids, biking is one of the gateways to growing up. Popular films and TV hits such as 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' and 'Stranger Things' highlight the joy a bike can bring as a fun way to explore or spend time kicking around the neighborhood. Yet, according to a study from the Outdoor In... Read More

Melanoma Can’t Wait – What Everyone Should Understand About This Deadly Cancer
(BPT) - While the summer months often serve as an important reminder on the dangers of sun exposure, many people may not realize that skin cancer can happen to anyone at any time of the year. With more than five million new cases diagnosed each year, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S... Read More

From victory gardens to garage greatness: 5 big jobs to tackle for summer
(BPT) - Summer is here, and that means it's time to tackle the big outdoor tasks.The importance of getting work done is especially true in this season of social isolation, when Americans are enjoying their homes' outdoor spaces more than ever. Outdoor work may require some extra sweat and elbow gre... Read More

Communities assist frontline medical workers: How you can help
(BPT) - During the pandemic, healthcare workers are being challenged like never before. Coping with this emergency has taken a toll on hospital staff around the country - and communities are stepping up efforts to help with donations of goods and services that provide immediate support, sometimes i... Read More

Shining a Light on Hidradenitis Suppurativa, a Chronic Inflammatory Skin Condition
(BPT) - A person's early 20's are supposed to be a time for exploring new opportunities, not a time to isolate while struggling with painful bumps in sensitive areas of the body.But that was Athena's story. The bumps first appeared during puberty. Assuming they were pimples, she didn't do anything ... Read More

Four things to consider when rescheduling elective surgery
(BPT) - For the past few months, patients around the country have had to postpone elective surgery due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you're one of them, you're probably wondering when you may hear from your doctor about rescheduling that surgery. As states begin easing restrictions, hospitals and cl... Read More

Making the most of workplace benefits
(BPT) - Quite often, it is not until we have experienced a difficult situation like an accident, illness or COVID-19-related events that we start to appreciate employer-provided benefits like disability insurance and leave policies that protect income and jobs. According to a recent MetLife disabil... Read More

Fuel your fitness at home: 5 tips and tricks
(BPT) - Face it, finding time to achieve your fitness goals while balancing work and home life can be a struggle. However, while many people are spending more time at home, here's a great opportunity to start fresh with a new fitness routine.Here are some helpful tips for helping you live your best... Read More

Flourishing in 6 dimensions: How to choose a senior living facility
(BPT) - 'Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can,' wrote Danny Kaye, beloved Hollywood performer. Kaye's advice certainly reflected his colorful career. It's true that the more one expands one's palette of experiences, the more vibrant life becomes.As you evalua... Read More

Concerned about asthma and allergies during COVID-19?
(BPT) - Allergy season is causing congestion, coughing, itchy eyes and other classic symptoms for people across the country. However, this year brings new concerns as COVID-19 has dramatically impacted everyone's lives, and people with asthma and allergies have many questions."With the coronavirus ... Read More

New campaign offers resources for thyroid cancer patients
(BPT) - Every year in the United States, more than half a million people with a thyroid nodule undergo testing to determine whether they have thyroid cancer. Recent research has shown that many of these patients aren't fully informed about the possible outcomes of this testing and don't know what q... Read More

Financial anxiety weighing on your mental health? Try these tips
(BPT) - The global coronavirus pandemic has caused emotional distress and financial upheaval for people around the world. Many Americans are dealing with daunting issues that could jeopardize their financial future, whether it's unexpected health care costs, unemployment and loss of income, the mar... Read More

Three Things to Know About Gout Today
(BPT) - 3-D imaging shows uric acid build up in a person with gout. Used with permission.1Sponsored by Horizon TherapeuticsAn estimated 9 million Americans are living with gout,2 but despite its prevalence, many misconceptions keep people from prioritizing getting the help they need to address this... Read More

5 simple ways to protect the ocean
(BPT) - It's sometimes easy to get caught up in how vast the ocean is, but we need to be reminded of its importance and vulnerability. The ocean contains up to 80% of life on Earth, and provides an important source of fish protein to more than 3 billion people on our planet. To celebrate National O... Read More

Help is out there for struggling pet owners
(BPT) - In uncertain times, there is one source of comfort we can all agree upon, and it is the unconditional love provided by our beloved four-legged friends. Pets are family and are there for us when we need it most. And when tragedy strikes a family member, whether through a natural disaster, do... Read More

Living with Huntington’s Disease: One woman’s journey
(BPT) - When Ashley Fajardo tested positive for the Huntington's disease gene at 18 years old, she was devastated but not surprised. Having lost her mother to the rare genetic disorder five years earlier, she knew her odds for having the gene were high.'It's a terminal illness so of course I was sa... Read More

A dermatologist debunks top sunscreen excuses
(BPT) - As routines shift, people often have to make behavioral changes to adapt to their new daily schedules, which can come with excuses. Whether it's learning to cook healthy meals more frequently, adapting to outdoor exercise or adjusting a skincare regimen, people tend to make excuses as they ... Read More

What we’ve learned from working at home
(BPT) - The recent transition to widespread working from home has shown that the experience has been both educational and eye-opening for many. Working at home means learning to cope with distractions, space constraints, managing time with family and learning new skills. And, according to new consu... Read More

Partnerships are helping communities fight COVID-19 [Video]
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What's behind your walls? 3 household dangers you can’t always see
(BPT) - When it comes to keeping your family and home safe, you're probably familiar with the most common household hazards that can occur. And chances are you have taken precautions to prevent most hazards by installing devices like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers.Bu... Read More

Navigating Cancer During Tough Times: Finding Support in Different Ways
(BPT) - For Dorothy, being diagnosed with bladder cancer almost four years ago reinforced the importance of living in the present and appreciating every moment. This holds true even in some of the most unique circumstances, Dorothy explains. 'I had my 76th birthday party with my grandchildren and d... Read More

Cancer caregivers: As the patient’s advocate, you can never give up
(BPT) - An unexpected diagnosisWhen Donya Quinlan found out her 17-year-old daughter Sawyer had melanoma, a serious form of skin cancer, she was devastated. There was no history of melanoma in the family, and while sun protection is important, this wasn't a case of Sawyer not protecting her skin pr... Read More

Be the change: Registered nurse rejoins frontline caregivers in the fight against COVID-19
(BPT) - It's early afternoon on a Thursday when Donna Portscher walks through the doors at a DaVita dialysis center in north Georgia. It is a familiar setting - the faces, the clean smell of a medical center and the sound of dialysis machines in the background. She pays visits to dialysis centers l... Read More

Managing Dry Eye Disease in Challenging Times
(BPT) - With the COVID-19 pandemic altering our daily lives, it's especially important to take care of yourself - and not to overlook other health conditions you may be living with. That's particularly true of dry eye disease, an inflammatory condition that affects more than 16 million people in th... Read More

Stressed as a parent? No- and low-cost ways to educate and entertain kids
Having children is a great joy, but it also can be stressful. Pressures are plentiful, from making sure your child has the right gear to needing to help manage their school and social schedules. To intensify matters, COVID-19 has brought quarantines and social distancing around the world, and paren... Read More

How millennial lifestyles are redefining security in multifamily living [Infographic]
(BPT) - -... Read More

What to do if you’re losing insurance through job loss
(BPT) - During these difficult times, millions of Americans have been furloughed, laid off, or may yet lose employment due to the pandemic. And because insurance is tied to employment for a vast majority of workers, this can mean facing the loss of insurance coverage as well as your income.What can... Read More

How to take charge of your mental health
(BPT) - Our nation is sharing in an experience with the COVID-19 crisis that will serve to reshape the future of our communities, our work, our families, and each and every individual. With so much attention focused on the diagnosis and treatment related to the virus, we recognize that those feelin... Read More

Updates in Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
(BPT) - Estimates over 17 years suggest that the prevalence of MS in the U.S. ranges from 851,749 to 913,925 people, based on health claims data. Please keep in mind these are estimates and not exact.i While researchers have yet to produce a cure, there are various treatment options available to pa... Read More

Don’t ignore heart attack symptoms, even during COVID-19
(BPT) - It's your heart. Don't hesitate.If you're experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, doctors urge you to not delay seeking treatment because of COVID-19 concerns.During the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors across the nation are reporting a sharp decline in patients coming to the hospital ... Read More

5 Ways to Support Your Fertility This Women’s Health Week
(BPT) - A woman's body is beautiful, unique and nothing short of complex, so taking great care of it is key to optimal health and happiness. Whether a fan of daily fitness, believer that food can heal or the queen of self-care, now more than ever, women are perfecting their wellness routines to set... Read More

7 steps to manage stress and build resilience
(BPT) - As recent months have demonstrated, stress is unavoidable. Now more than ever, it's important to understand stress and how we can manage it. While stress can be beneficial, too much of it can be harmful. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research on Women's Health explains a... Read More

Be Prepared for Natural Disasters
(BPT) - Natural disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, can strike at any time. If you or a loved one has a medical condition, it is vital to be prepared. Make sure you have a plan in place in the event of a natural disaster.When creating a disaster preparedness plan, consider these tips:1. Ide... Read More

Tips and resources to avoid caregiver burnout
(BPT) - Since the COVID-19 outbreak, restrictions in daily activities and social interactions have caused a major shift in caregiving roles and responsibilities. Many people have found themselves acting as a full-time caregiver for the first time. Parents and guardians are teaching lessons at home ... Read More

Help children living in poverty without leaving home
(BPT) - While much of daily life is paused right now, kindness and giving are not. In fact, they're needed now more than ever.Red Nose Day - the annual fundraising campaign to end child poverty - is back at Walgreens, but this year it looks a bit different. Due to the need for social distancing and... Read More

Life with a rare, chronic and 'invisible' illness
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Anticipating canine separation anxiety post COVID-19
(BPT) - For almost all of us, we have been on "sit and stay" for over two months. The only person happy about this is the dog.The question is, when we return to some normalcy, and head back to work, or to re-start life, what will be the effect on our canines? Some dogs are at higher risk for anxiet... Read More

What to Do If You’ve Lost Health Insurance Due to COVID-19 [Video]
Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " background: url('" + bptVideoPlayer.getAttribute("poster") + "');"; cssText += " -webkit-backgrou... Read More

Telemedicine Gives Essential Tremor Patients Freedom to Be
(BPT) - In these unprecedented times, prioritizing our health and safety has become more essential than ever. Staying independent in the security and comfort of our own homes while still being able to receive vital care is of the utmost importance, especially for older Americans who are more at ris... Read More

What you may not know about generic prescription drugs
(BPT) - Many prescription medications on the market today are expensive, and may not be fully covered by health insurance plans. Because of the costs involved, people who take prescription medications often ask their doctor or pharmacist about less expensive options that might be available to them.... Read More

Fostering independent play is more important than ever for parents continuing to work from home
(BPT) - Across the country, temporary school closures are forcing kids into instant distance learning environments for the remainder of the school year. Parents are trying to work their day job while simultaneously educating kids. For most, there isn't ever enough time in a day to handle both. They... Read More

How to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 in the Home [Infographic]
(BPT) - The surfaces in rooms throughout the home can be susceptible to the spread of COVID-19. You can help prevent the spread in your home by following CDC guidelines for infection prevention protocol and disinfecting hard, nonporous surfaces using an EPA-registered disinfectant.... Read More

How to Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 For Those Working Outside the Home [Infographic]
(BPT) - Those braving the frontlines of COVID-19, including healthcare professionals, first responders and essential workers, are at the greatest risk of exposure. These individuals can follow a few simple measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they return home from work.... Read More

5 at-home wellness tips for families with ADHD
(BPT) - Families are spending more time together than ever before, making it challenging for parents and caregivers to balance their personal needs with that of a child's. For those families that include a child with ADHD, maintaining mental, physical and emotional wellness is particularly crucial ... Read More

Polycystic Kidney Disease: Is it hiding in your genes?
(BPT) - Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), causes numerous cysts to grow in the kidneys and for those affected by this condition, nearly 50% will experience End State Renal Disease (ESRD) by age 60. According to the National Kidney Foundation, autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) acco... Read More

5 essential steps for managing blood sugar
(BPT) - In the U.S. alone, 28.1 million people are living with diabetes, and an added 7.2 million are living with undiagnosed diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Additionally, the American Diabetes Association reports that 84 million American adults have pre... Read More

Coping with a Serious Complication of Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation – Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease
(BPT) - Sponsored by Incyte CorporationAllogeneic transplantation, a type of stem cell transplant that uses stem cells from a donor, is an important part of treatment for certain cancers, most commonly those that affect the blood or immune system. While the procedure has the potential to cure disea... Read More

Tips for childproofing an older home
(BPT) - While many homeowners love the unique charm and beauty that can only be found in an older home, the truth is that older houses present challenges to keeping everyone safe, especially little ones. For any house where children are being raised, or where they may spend a lot of time, it's a go... Read More

When is it safe to take my child to the dentist again?
(BPT) - Like many of us, parents across the U.S. are wondering when they can resume the new normal. When will schools and daycares reopen? When will parks, pools and activities resume? And when is it safe to take my child to the dentist again?During these difficult and challenging times, and as the... Read More

How you can help children in poverty during the pandemic without leaving home
(BPT) - While most of the world has hit pause on daily life, kindness and giving can be considered essential services. Socio-economic consequences of the COVID-19 health pandemic are challenging families across the globe, as schools have closed, after-school meal programs have paused, businesses ha... Read More

25 years of migraine: How one sufferer won the battle
(BPT) - Migraine has been an unwelcome part of Jennifer (Jennie) Latson's life for more than 25 years. On average, she has 10-12 migraine attacks per month. They can cause her horrible pain, severe nausea and vomiting, and often keep her bedridden for several days at a time. Her attacks started whe... Read More

How communities are connecting during the COVID-19 crisis
(BPT) - During the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis, people are searching for ways to connect with experts, co-workers, friends, neighbors and their community. They are accomplishing this by using technology including virtual meetings, webinars and conference call services.Everyone is making sacr... Read More

How one woman’s surprise heart failure diagnosis changed her life
(BPT) - 'I was scared. As a single mom with a 13-year-old son, I had no idea what was in store or how it would change my life,' said Kim Lewis, now 53.To Lewis, working hard and taking care of her family was second nature. Yet nothing could prepare her for the challenges she began facing in her ear... Read More

How to Properly Alarm Your Home [Infographic]
(BPT) - Ensuring properly functioning alarms are placed throughout the home is the first line of defense for fire prevention. But even if you have smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in your home, you and your family may not be sufficiently protected if you don't have enough devices to properly o... Read More

New Treatment Is Welcomed Innovation for People Living with Migraine
(BPT) - Sarah Sitarski has endured life with migraine for about 27 years. During these years, she was misdiagnosed and prescribed different medications that didn't work. As a mother of an active 10-year-old daughter and a manager in a busy work environment, Sarah needed a treatment option that allo... Read More

The Risk of Outdated Treatments: Knowing the Latest Cardiovascular Treatment Options and Guidelines Could Help You or Someone You Love
(BPT) - Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and affects nearly half of all adult Americans.[i] Misinterpretation in the cardiovascular field acts as a barrier for determining the best therapies to manage overall risk. For the 48% of adults in the U.S. with hear... Read More

4 Ways Mushrooms Make Home Cooking Better
(BPT) - While everyone is discovering their inner chef by cooking at home, it's a good time to explore ingredients that boost flavor and nutrition and add value to all your kitchen creations. One ingredient is fast becoming the hero of many home-cooked meals: fresh mushrooms.Grocery stores today fe... Read More

Stuck inside? 6 fun enrichment activities for you and your pet
(BPT) - It's no secret that pets provide love, loyalty and affection. This is even more apparent now that you're spending more time at home with them. In fact, according to the 2020 Purina Pet Ownership Survey, 94% of pet owners rely on their pet for emotional support, which is particularly importa... Read More

Clever hacks give spring-cleaning a whole new meaning
(BPT) - With more time spent in the comfort of our home, spring-cleaning can take on an entirely new meaning this year. Consider the following hacks to make your household clean-up routine as efficient and thorough as possible.Conquer kitchen crevices with lemon and baking soda Crumbs, food residue... Read More

Recent Research Leads to Additional Treatment Options for People Living with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)
(BPT) - Sponsored by AbbVieFor many people, the word 'leukemia' sounds scary. They may envision a very sick patient in the hospital who has limited options. They might think this patient has a cancer that is extremely difficult to treat and that their life may be cut short. This can indeed be the c... Read More

7 surprising ways to use beans for every meal
(BPT) - Did you know you can use canned beans for every meal of the day, plus tasty snacks?Chances are you currently have cans of beans in your pantry, and you may be wondering what to do with them. Perhaps someone in your household hasn't tried beans, or you need a new recipe to entice your family... Read More

How to create a bedroom oasis that’s optimal for excellent sleep
(BPT) - Can't sleep? You're not alone. Only 11% of Americans say they get excellent sleep on a regular basis, while 18% report poor or not good sleep quality, and the rest are somewhere in between.*With all of the stress today, your bedroom should be a sanctuary you can retreat to - a place where y... Read More

3 telehealth tips connected to COVID-19
(BPT) - As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to mount, many Americans may be considering where to go for care if they develop potential symptoms. One important - yet potentially overlooked - resource is telehealth, which may enable people to connect 24/7 with a health care provider via a digit... Read More

Spring Clean Your Diet With 5 Fridge Essentials
(BPT) - Spring cleaning is a tradition that often includes dusting, mopping, decluttering and organizing homes for a fresh start. Many families may be cooking more while home right now, so this is a great opportunity to refresh your kitchen staples by filling the fridge with foods that support a he... Read More

4 ways to support your community that take less than 10 minutes
(BPT) - Whether it's reprieve for families in self-isolation, support for those on the frontlines of healthcare and essential businesses, or keeping at-risk populations safe, now is the time to come together - while staying apart - to support one another.Here are four simple ways that communities c... Read More

Federal Program Offers Loan Repayment for Primary Care Providers
(BPT) - The health care system faces many challenges, including the availability of quality care for millions of Americans. While clinicians are struggling to pay off student loan debt, patients in geographically isolated areas, such as rural and underserved communities, have limited access to care... Read More

What the 50th anniversary of Earth Day means today
(BPT) - To say these are challenging times is a vast understatement. In the course of just weeks, everyone's lives have been completely disrupted, routines have been upended and the world is still reeling as everybody struggles to figure out what it all means - both in terms of their daily life, an... Read More

4 safe ways to connect with family and friends while practicing social distancing
(BPT) - Bob Dylan once sang, 'For the times they are a-changin',' and that has perhaps never been more true than it is today. The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new phrases like social distancing to the general population, and has also redefined both work and family life, creating a new normal.Th... Read More

Combating financial anxiety during a pandemic
(BPT) - In the face of a global pandemic, financial anxiety is an everyday reality. Concerns surrounding personal finances, businesses shutting down and market volatility have us navigating new waters, experiencing more acutely than ever before how our financial lives are intertwined with our menta... Read More

Everything you need to boost your self-care routine
(BPT) - When was the last time you treated yourself so that you could feel good inside and out? Now is the perfect time to show some serious TLC to your skin, nails and hair to give yourself the ultimate full-body pampering session.Try these ideas for enhancing your self-care routine:Get that glowW... Read More

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