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home : opinion : e-opinion January 20, 2022

9/4/2021 12:43:00 PM
A Conservative Point Of View
Truckers' Strike An Evident Non-Event
But other Wuhan 'flu-related matters are very different
(Top) The late English scientist Magnus Pyke famously and funnily appeared in the music video for Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me with Science,” back in the better days of 1982. Are we now living out a dystopian version of that song’s message? (Middle) Xi Jinping(Bottom) Michael Senger
(Contributed Photos)

(Top) The late English scientist Magnus
Pyke famously and funnily appeared in
the music video for Thomas Dolby’s
“She Blinded Me with Science,” back in
the better days of 1982. Are we
now living out a dystopian version
of that song’s message?

(Middle) Xi Jinping

(Bottom) Michael Senger

(Contributed Photos)


From The Desk Of
Thomas Lark

Rumours abounded earlier this week of a truckers’ strike throughout North America.

Sources said it was going to be held in solidarity with similar efforts by striking truckers in Australia and Brazil, all down to a combination of union conflicts and a protest against the ongoing, economy-killing, totally unnecessary restrictions––only nominally down to the Wuhan ’flu––imposed upon America and the West by spineless, liberal (but then, I repeat myself) politicians who are the lapdogs and bought whores of China. Slow down and/or temporarily halt the distribution of needed goods and products, and you’ll send a message to said gutless, gormless goobs in our illegal, illegitimate, usurping governments.

Or so their logic evidently goes. Alas, in doing such things, the people primarily hurt are the very folks who support you and are on your side. The evil élites, who created the problems re said Chinese virus’s fraudulently-based, completely unprecedented and needless restrictions in the first place, are not affected at all by the lockdowns that have induced a second Great Depression in 90 years, so why would they care if truckers strike or don’t?

Fortunately, there was no evidence of any such thing here. I was out on I-85 several times this week, and traffic flowed along unimpeded. But it got me thinking once again about the real problem, which too many people still fail to grasp.

Noted attorney Michael Senger, writing recently in The Tablet, speaks for me and innumerable others who see that the emperor is naked. Senger and his fellow legal eagles have petitioned the FBI (a once-great institution, now sadly possessed by liberal demons) to release information relevant to the Chinese government’s kung ’flu khan job.

“‘Lockdowns,’ the mass quarantine of both sick and healthy people, have never before been used for disease mitigation in the modern Western world,” he writes. “Previously, the strategy had been systematically ruled out by the pandemic plans of the World Health Organization (WHO) and by health experts of every developed nation. So how did we get here?

“Mass lockdowns of entire countries as a technique for fighting disease sprung into the world’s consciousness on the order of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), who fomented a global propaganda offensive targeting Western governments and media,” he adds. “Within weeks, the WHO, an organization that once devoted itself to fighting disease and which has sadly become a tool of Chinese foreign policy, promulgated lockdowns into global policy through a series of press conferences that showed a complete absence of analysis or logic. The world has been fighting a virus from China with a public health policy from China that transforms the world into China. But if the national security community has noticed this bizarre development, they haven’t said so. Instead, their preoccupation has remained largely unchanged since February, 2020.”

Senger continues that insiders confirmed that by the spring of last year, the national security community was convinced that the kung ’flu was a super-virus created in a laboratory in Wuhan, China (hence “Wuhan ’flu,” as the Chinese themselves accurately call it) and then deliberately released upon an unsuspecting world. 

A Trojan dragon
And I would add that China has spent the past 30 years heavily investing in America and the rest of the West, buying up real estate; snatching up companies; and inserting itself into our politics, academia, entertainment industries and maybe most importantly our media. The latter collectively forms an almost monolithically solidly liberal entity, so of course that makes it illegitimate and completely untrustworthy. CNN and other such unwatched, illegitimate outlets (more people annually attend Metropolitan Opera performances than now watch CNN) collectively kiss China’s gluteus maximus. Do you think the media will tell the truth about the Wuhan ’flu and the related hijacking and theft of our election 10 months ago, when Trump actually won by better than four to one?

Of course not. They’re rooting for this crap. They love it. It matters not a toss to them, because it doesn’t affect them. It affects you. And they want you to be miserable; to be afraid, anxious and malleable. That’s right. Good sheep. Now get back in your pen and enjoy your panem et circenses. Here, watch the Super-Bowl or the “Video Music Awards.” God help.

This stuff is an article of faith in the new religion of liberalism. China’s Manchurian Candidate in the White House is a senile, 80-year-old stooge, and that’s just how Beijing wants it.

The Wuhan ’flu’s actual numbers bear not the slightest resemblance to what the media morons breathlessly claim. Governments from Washington to Brussels are led by very stupid people, all of them too embarrassed to admit the truth, because that would mean, as Democrats love to parrot, like so many mindless macaws, “bad optics.”

The WHO and the CDC are not lawmaking bodies. But because so many idiots lend them credence, these Chinese puppet organisations are now seemingly our de facto fourth branch of government. The situation is so bad, even The New York Times, which hasn’t been worth reading in 60 years, admits the truth: that between 85 and 90 per cent of reported Wuhan ’flu cases are actually false positives.

Senger writes that this is the deadliest case of accounting fraud in human history. Hospitals, governments, politicians ad nauseam are all benefitting from sub-rosa payments by the Chinese government. Bribery, blackmail and other threats also play their parts.

“The result,” he writes, is “a terrifying number of supposed ‘COVID-19 deaths’ that bears little relation to the number of ‘excess deaths’ in a given year, even in states and countries that employed few lockdown measures. This absurd number of ‘COVID-19 deaths’ has been used to rationalize any manner of devastation caused by governments’ response to COVID-19—from bankruptcies and mental health crises to deaths from lockdowns themselves.

“What’s transpired since has been a predictable spiral into the abyss,” he adds, “aided and abetted at virtually every stage by a media apparatus that has perpetuated the fraudulent lockdown narrative. The Chinese government has financial stakes in almost every top media outlet and friends in corporations, universities and governments. Pre-existing financial relationships with China led institutions to trust information from China, endorse the Chinese Communist Party’s narrative and ultimately advocate for the global adoption of the CCP’s policies. Owing to this combination of naïveté, groupthink and outright corruption, scientists and journalists have been incorporating information from China into their work as true, when in fact nearly every bit of information that has come from China with regard to the virus has been a lie.”

The evil mastermind behind it all, of course, is Xi Jinping. Probably the most hated man on earth, certainly by Chinese Christians, whom he and his lackeys routinely incarcerate, torture and murder, Xi has brought America and the West to their knees, all without firing a shot. Our freedoms are eroded on a daily basis, and our so-called leaders are “too embarrassed” to stand up to the Chinese dragon. And Xi and his bankers bribe the howlingly heretical Francis the Worst and the Vatican to the tune of $1 billion a year to say nothing about China’s persecution of Catholics, but said heresiarchs are too embarrassed to admit it.

As Senger writes:

“It’s hard to think of many things worse than marching the world toward totalitarianism out of embarrassment for failing to prevent the world’s march toward totalitarianism. But sadly, embarrassment and denial appear to be the primary motivations of world leaders today. From the courts to intelligence agencies to the media and politicians, it all amounts to a collective shirking of responsibility for determining whether lockdown policies have been implemented on fraudulent pretences and whether those policies actually work.

“Everything since ‘15 days to slow the spread’—from the fear propaganda to the masks to the school closures and vaccine passes—has been a cover-up of the catastrophe that was the original lockdowns and denial of the insanity of trusting scientists and billionaires who treat information from China as real. Millions surely suspect the lockdown fraud but feel some subtle aversion to saying so. They don’t want to seem radical or ‘unwoke,’ or they think it’s someone else’s job. Many refuse to speak up for fear of the backlash against science, the professional class and China, which couldn’t be more misguided, because nothing can be worse for science and the professional class long-term than letting this fraud continue. But among those who really do believe China’s COVID-19 narrative, or merely pretend to, all the authoritarian methods that supposedly contributed to China’s ‘success’—including censoring, cancelling and firing those who disagree—are on the table. The vast majority of professionals simply lack the courage to speak up publicly against a fanatical minority...’

“The truth is that even as scientists and politicians support lockdown mandates, few really believe in them. This can be said with certainty, based on their own actions. It’s hard to find scientists and politicians who haven’t been caught breaking their own COVID rules. But none of them, even heads of state, feels they have the power to speak up against lockdown measures without inconveniencing their careers. And anyway, these policymakers seem to think, these rules must not be a very big deal, given how easily they can break them.” 

Maoist marionettes
China as a nation, certainly its government stooges, and the leadership of its co-opted puppets, the Democrat party and all such luciferian liberal factions throughout the West, are so many professional and congenital liars. And as Senger writes, echoing the late Ross Perot––who, in 1992, condemned the NAFTA, George Bush’s baby, signed into law by Slick Willie––all their media-fuelled hysteria, re the Chinese virus, amounts to “economic suicide.”

“Unfortunately,” says Senger, “for the millions of workers and small business owners whose life’s work has been destroyed; the millions of children who have been robbed of years of education and terrorized into believing they’re vectors for disease; the hundreds of millions in the developing world whose governments can’t feed them with debt; and the parents who don’t want to raise their children in a world where long-cherished rights can be indefinitely tossed aside, none of these explanations and motivations is remotely adequate.

“Journalists have flailed about to construct reality in a way that pleases the CCP and their investors, while being at least remotely plausible to their middle class readers,” he continues. “To date, this is the best they’ve come up with: ‘A super-virus emerged that was so deadly, only Chinese totalitarianism could stop it!’…Journalists’ downplaying and suppressing any information that contradicts this science-fiction narrative has left those that trust them confused and scared, faced with a seemingly unbeatable virus with inexplicable characteristics and a crisis that makes no logical sense. ‘The science’ changes constantly, sometimes overnight. First, in March, vaccinated persons were supposed to wear two masks. Then in May, they didn’t need masks. Then in July, they suddenly needed masks again. ‘Science!’”

And then, earlier this year, as these stupid vaccines that don’t even work and only benefit Big Pharma became widely available, scientists and the media introduced the concept of “variants,” justifying ever more restrictions, as Senger writes:

“The resultant reporting has been not only harmful and misleading but also inherently contradictory and just plain bad…Not that journalists and scientists are alone in this regard. Far from it. Every step of the way, the international synchronization of lockdown mandates has given a cosmopolitan veneer to policies that are inherently unscientific, unprecedented, ineffective, totalitarian, brutal and dumb. The components of the lockdown fraud are so glaringly obvious and its mechanics and methods so overtly Orwellian, it’s hard not to conclude that (this became) a global fad in 2020.

“Having absorbed disinformation into policy, the formidable machinery of Western institutions has, perversely, helped promulgate a totalitarian hygiene régime around the world and turned against those standing up for Western values that politicians appear too spineless to defend. Police brutality is on the rise as law-enforcement personnel face protesters rightfully angry at the ongoing suspension of human rights through policies rationalized only by the exaggerated fears the policies themselves create and which therefore have no endpoint. Whether COVID cases go up, down or sideways, the solution offered by lockdown scientists and public health officials—the WHO being only the worst offender—is always the same: Be more like China.”

Senger adds that every single policy imported from China has been as insane as it is in ineffective.

Too many, he adds, are “disturbingly willing to suggest permanent changes to our civilization rather than admit error.” 

Commies, cowards and child abuse
For Xi, as Senger writes, this was never about a virus.

It was about sending this message around the world: China is the boss, and America and the West are now her subservient territories. Everything your father and grandfather ever told you about communist infiltration of our institutions––all of them, top to bottom­––was true. Alas, their warning fell upon deaf ears, as their Hippie children tried to create an impossible, unworkable utopia.

School boards and county commissions across North Carolina and throughout the American Empire have sanctioned child abuse by forcing healthy schoolkids to suffocate behind totally needless Joey Biden mouth-diapers. Using these face masks to try to keep out COVID cooties makes as much sense as using a chain-link fence to keep out mosquitoes.

Thankfully, most people around here appear to have common sense. I’m seeing very few masks worn by the patrons of restaurants and grocery stores. Whenever you see the odd person (in more ways than one) actually wearing one of these useless, dirty bits of cloth and paper, you may be sure you’re seeing a bloody fool. But pity the poor staffers of all too many such places, beset as they are by boneheaded bosses and totally incompetent misdirectors of public health institutions. Such “leaders” should be fined and locked up as a collective public menace. They really are all in thrall to China and its evil ways and truly traitors to this nation and everything for which it stands.

“They can’t arrest us all,” as Rand Paul recently observed.

As I have said before, stand up. Resist. Don’t be frightened over a bogeyman exaggerated beyond all proportion to reality. Don’t let the commies win.

Be Americans.

---The views and opinions expressed in “A Conservative Point of View” are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Lincoln Herald.

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